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Resolution revolution - Upgrade your entertainment with a top-tier soundbar in 2024

Resolution revolution - Upgrade your entertainment with a top-tier soundbar in 2024

Any day is a feast with a soundbar at home to make your music, movie, and gaming nights remarkable. It's time to take the lifeless sound of your TV to a live and booming level with a soundbar at home! So, here's why you need soundbars with the best audio technology and upgrade your entertainment system. 

Why choose soundbars?

Cinematic Sound: Even the audio experience at theatres will be underwhelming, where there will be an echo in excess. If a cinema theatre can have such moments, which might be due to the original sound glitches in the movie, what about when viewing on your TV? Forget the flat soundtracks and low-pitched dialogues. Never miss the action, be it a horror film or a thriller with enticing soundtracks. Listen to every sound with deep bass and clarity.   

Space-Saving Solution: Unlike bulky surround sound systems, soundbars offer powerful audio without cluttering your living room. Their compact design seamlessly integrates with your TV setup, saving precious space and enhancing the aesthetics.  

Easy Setup and Use: Gone are the days of tangled wire setups and complex configurations. Soundbars are modern wonders that connect your TV through a single cable and offer easy controls for effortless volume adjustments and operation.   

Feature-Packed Powerhouse: Modern soundbars have features like immersive surround sound, compatible with all devices like laptop, mobile phones, tablets and TV, room-friendly sizes, and preset EQ, which will let you change the setting to music, movie and speech. Through these, you can change the setting which applies to your listening preferences from time to time.

Budget-Friendly Boost: Soundbars are available at all prices ranging from 2000 to 1,00,000 in India. So, you can choose the best soundbar at the price you want! Buying soundbars at an affordable range does not mean that there's a compromise on quality! All Artis soundbars are available at modest ranges online, giving you premium experience.   

Top features to look for

Choosing a soundbar is more challenging than it sounds! There are several factors to consider when purchasing one for the first time. There's more than brand and size for getting a soundbar. The best soundbar must bring the music or sound to life – making it all an immersive experience!    

3D mode 
3D sound modes in soundbars use clever processing and mimic surround sound, creating a more immersive audio experience without needing extra speakers, making for an immersive audio experience.  

Multiple HDMI Inputs 
From connecting your cables to the multiple HDMI inputs to keeping your spot wireless and clean, organizing also becomes efficient with soundbars. Keep your laptop, TV, and tablet connected to the soundbar without making it messy!    

Wireless Connectivity 
Wireless is the new craze, all right. Does everyone want this wireless feature in soundbars, too? Well, yes! Embrace the wireless technology by connecting your Artis soundbar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a soothing music session at home!

Output RMS Watts
Higher RMS watts generally mean louder sound. Consider room size and soundbar type before buying a soundbar. 

Artis Soundbar: Top Picks for 2024

Best Overall - Artis BT-X9 
While there are no preset EQs in the BT-X9 model, this is specifically made to elevate audio for music and movies. The BT-X9 works only on Bluetooth, so there is no worry about making the spot messy with cluttered wires everywhere. Its input connections include optical, coaxial, HDMI, and AUX with an inbuilt 2.1-channel amplifier. If you don't want any dents on the wall while mounting this, you can prevent those by using the extra mounting points for added convenience.   

Best Budget - Artis X300 
The X300 works well for rooms of larger space, specifically meant for entertainment. The four driver units, two passive radiators with an inbuilt amplifier, and six preset EQs (jazz, pop, country music, and more) make your music experience great.   

Best for Deep Bass - Artis BT-X5 
The four driver units, two passive radiators, one amplifier with three EQ sets, and Bluetooth 5.0 currently make for a fantastic soundbar at 4,999. This model works best for movies and rooms of compact sizes. You can either mount this on the wall or in your entertainment center.    

Best for Wall Mounting - Artis X700 
With four built-in speakers and one subwoofer, the audio experience is worth the price with another 2. 1 amplifier inside the soundbar. Integrated USB cables let you play MP3/WMA files directly from your devices. It supports both wall mounting and tabletop installations.   

Bonus pick - Artis BT-50 
This is an excellent choice for carrying the soundbar to picnic spots or parties. With an extra holder to keep your phone, the BT-50 weighs less. You can charge a 1500 mAh battery in less than 3 hours and enjoy a playback time of eight hours with a USB Input, FM Radio, TF Card Reader, and Aux port. There is also a Bluetooth connectivity option to connect devices up to a 10-metre distance. 

Additional factors to consider    

  • Room size - Always remember your room size; you can't have feeble sound in a spacious room. Enquire about the soundbar's size and audio quality based on your room's space.
  • Features - Look for the latest tech features while buying soundbars. Choose the one with the latest Bluetooth connectivity and audio technology.
  • Budget - Budget is the first factor to consider when buying a soundbar. You can find a suitable model for your home under all price ranges.

Resolution revolution: The final verdict   

With these top features in mind, you are on your way to finding the perfect soundbar for your needs and budget. Remember, the best soundbar is the one that elevates your entertainment to a whole new level, immersing you in the world of sound and making every movie night, gaming session, and music-listening experience truly unforgettable.  

Head to Artis's website to grab your soundbar today!  


What is the difference between a wireless subwoofer and a wired subwoofer?  

Wireless subwoofers offer placement flexibility but may have slightly higher latency and cost. Wired subwoofers deliver a more reliable connection and often better audio quality but require cable management.

How much should I spend on a soundbar? 

Soundbars are available at all price ranges – from 5,000 to 30,000 and above. It all depends on your love for sounds and music and keeping the budget in mind. Many brands, including Artis, have fantastic sound bars starting from 1,900.

Where can I buy a top-tier soundbar?  

You can buy top and critically acclaimed soundbars online, especially Artis, as there is a current sale.

How can I get the most out of my soundbar? 

All soundbars work best when you position them in the right spot. Calibrating it according to the audio experience with a balance in positioning makes a difference in its functioning.


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