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Wall Mount or Shelf Placement? Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Soundbar

Wall Mount or Shelf Placement? Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Soundbar

Finding the perfect spot for your soundbar can significantly impact both sound quality and the aesthetics of your home theatre setup. Proper soundbar placement ensures optimal audio performance, enhancing your viewing and listening experience. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted setup or a shelf placement, understanding the benefits and considerations of each option will help you make the right decision for your soundbar.

Soundbar Wall Mount Placement

Wall mounting your soundbar can provide several advantages, especially if your TV is also wall mounted.


  1. Improved Sound Quality: Wall mounting can position the soundbar at the ideal height for better sound dispersion, which is crucial for achieving the best audio experience.
  2. Creates a Cleaner Look: Mounting the soundbar on the wall helps create a sleek, uncluttered look, reducing the number of visible cables and freeing up floor space.
  3. Useful for TVs Mounted at Eye Level: If your TV is mounted at eye level, placing the soundbar below can create a seamless and immersive audio-visual experience.
  4. Frees Up Shelf Space: Wall mounting the soundbar frees up space on your shelves or TV stand for other devices or decorative items.


  1. Requires Drilling into Wall: Wall mounting necessitates drilling into the wall, which might only suit some, especially renters who cannot make permanent alterations.
  2. Precise Placement is Required: Precise placement is crucial to ensure optimal sound quality. The soundbar should be aligned correctly with the TV and at the right height.
  3. Checking Weight and Mounting Capability: Ensure that your wall and the mounting brackets can support the weight of your soundbar. It's also essential to use appropriate mounting hardware.

Soundbar Shelf Placement

Placing your soundbar on a shelf is another popular option with benefits and considerations.


  1. Easier Setup: Shelf placement is generally easier and quicker, not requiring drilling or mounting hardware.
  2. Flexible Placement Options: You can quickly move the soundbar around to find the best location for sound quality and aesthetics.
  3. Can Store Additional Audio Components: Shelves provide space for other audio components, such as subwoofers, receivers, or media players, creating a centralized audio setup.


  1. May Affect Sound Quality: Depending on the height and position of the shelf, the soundbar's audio performance might be compromised. Ensuring the soundbar is clear is crucial for maintaining sound quality.
  2. Placement Height: The shelf's height can affect the soundbar's performance. Ideally, it should be placed at ear level when you're seated.
  3. Needs to be a Sturdy Shelf: Ensure the shelf can support the soundbar's weight and is sturdy enough to prevent any vibration or movement that could affect sound quality.

Choosing the Right Option

When deciding between wall mounting and shelf placement, consider the following factors:

  1. TV Size and Wall Mounting Status: If your TV is wall-mounted, a wall-mounted soundbar like the Artis BT-X9 Soundbar can create a cohesive look. The Artis X300 Soundbar on a shelf might be more appropriate for TVs on a stand.
  2. Desired Listening Experience: Think about how you want your audio setup to sound. Wall mounting can provide better sound dispersion, while shelf placement offers flexibility.
  3. Personal Preference: Ultimately, your personal preference and the layout of your room will play significant roles in your decision.

By carefully considering your options and the specific needs of your home theatre setup, you can find the perfect spot for your soundbar, whether wall-mounted or on a shelf. Both methods have advantages and can significantly enhance your viewing and listening.


  1. How high should I mount my soundbar?

    When seated, your soundbar should be mounted at ear level. This positioning ensures the best audio experience.

  2. What do I do if my shelf isn't wide enough for my soundbar?

    If your shelf isn't wide enough, consider using a smaller soundbar model or adding a dedicated soundbar shelf that can securely accommodate the device.

  3. Can I use a soundbar bracket designed for one TV size on a different-size TV?

    It's essential to check the specifications of the soundbar bracket. Some brackets are adjustable and can fit different TV sizes, while others are designed for particular dimensions.

  4. What's the ideal height for a wall-mounted soundbar?

    The ideal height for a wall-mounted soundbar is generally just below the TV, ensuring it is at ear level when seated. This placement provides the best audio quality and maintains a clean, streamlined look.

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